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A lot of people want to be able to work out and do many fitness related things within the comfort of their own home. I understand. It is convenient, private, and simple. As a fitness professional, I will advise that if you do want to get into fitness and working out, it is best to work with a professional, whether a group fitness instructor or a personal trainer. Mainly because they are able to prevent you from hurting yourself and make sure you are doing the right work outs and doing them correctly in order to work the correct muscles. Many people, including myself, have done exercises wrong. You can try to correct them for yourself, however, it is simplest to have someone else who can see your form

This site is mainly as a resource for myself. As an instructor, I am constantly learning new work outs or new names for exercises and needing to teach them. Additionally, the need to have progressions and regressions available whether you want more intensity or less intensity was a goal I had in mind. I wanted to have a digital place that I could refer to in order to see what each workout was as well as how to create a workout routine. Hopefully this can be helpful, however it is a lot of information for me to gather and create, so most of this site will be constantly under construction or even blank.

I also want to go through and talk about the constant things you see in the media and on social media. Often, that is where many discover their ideas for working out on social media. But many are inaccurate or unsafe. I want to make sure to show you why they are inaccurate as well as give you some positive and more beneficial accounts to look to.

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Disclaimer: I am solely a fitness professional. I cannot provide medical advice nor can I advise you on dietary concerns. Even with these resources, I still advise you to work with a fitness professional in person to keep you safe.